By Gregory Kyle Klug

Contemporary political discourse is prefaced on certain assumptions about what constitutes right and wrong. The core principles are generally not in dispute — people in the U.S. and abroad largely agree that the Golden Rule — or some variation of do unto others what you would have them do unto you — is valid and binding on oneself and one’s neighbors. Despite this consensus, there is and has been vigorous disagreement on what counts as a violation of moral standards. At the heart of these disagreements are certain moral fallacies, i.e. thought-patterns that lead an individual…

Business Plan Essentials, Part III

A vision, literally speaking, is something that you see. Creating an entrepreneurial vision, therefore, is an act of the imagination: you see it in your mind before it becomes real in the world. To craft your vision, you imagine the future, and define it in detail. People who do this are powerful. People who don’t are either uninformed or timid. As an entrepreneur and leader, you must embrace your power and answer the question: “What do you see in the future of your business?”

The vision, however, must not ignore reality. You should craft it with as much awareness of…

The Mission Statment

A mission statement is a single sentence that defines what you do. It should be concise and direct, appeal to the imagination, and encompass all your activities. Ideally it should be direct and easy to memorize.

The mission statement of Guitar Center, for example, is: “We help people make music.” It captures the ultimate purpose of the retail company, and reflects the informal yet professional rapport with customers that is integral to its culture. The statement does not specify things like “where,” “how,” and “what kind of music.” While these things are important, they are not part of the mission…

A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Having a business plan is essential for entrepreneurs, whether you are launching a startup, or expanding into a new market. This post is the first in a series that will offer an overview of business-plan basics as well as instruction on its most essential elements.

What Is a Business Plan?

A Business Plan is a document that establishes the vision, viability, and strategy of a business.

Why Create a Business Plan?

1. It Provides Clarity

Writing things down forces you to think them through. Unexpressed ideas are liable to change or disappear without notice, but writing them down makes them…

Gregory Kyle Klug

Composer, writer, pianist, music teacher.

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